Painting Walls

Here’s a little project that doesn’t take too long and can really change a room. First of all, click on the video and check it out. I do want to add that I made a little mistake when I made the video. At one point during the video I hold up 2 bottles of tint (colorant for paint) I say that I used Raw Umber and Burnt Umber. Actually the first one is Raw Sienna which is the yellowish one.

faux finish how to




How Do We Start Faux Painting

As always I’ve prepared the wall with eggshell latex. I like eggshell because it has a little sheen which helps to move paint you’ll be applying. Flat or Mat finish will “grab” your paint and suck it in too fast. In this finish we are making triangles on a mottled background. We start off making the entire background the mottled finish. You’ll see in the video that I use a roller with a back and forth, left and right kinda motion. This is much quicker than using rags and sponges. I’m very impatient when it comes to faux finishing, I need to see results fast. I think most people are and thats why I share my way of doing these finishes. The process is basically this, take whatever wall color you have and then make or buy a color light than your wall and another darker than your wall. A trick for this is to get a color book from a paint store and pick your 3 colors off 1 bar. 1 at the top, 1 at the bottom and 1 from the middle. Paint stores like Benjamin Moore ( my favorite ) will have color chip books you can look at and they will help you. I made all my colors and actually messed it up a bit. I ended up going a little too brownish and had to add a yellow toner .(watch the video)

Masking Tape Trip

Alright, now its time to measure out your triangles or whatever shapes your into. After you have it all taped off, remember to use some stays clear to seal the edges of the tape so you get crisp lines without bleeding. Using the same darker color from the roller faux, add a bit to some stays clear. about a tablespoon to a quart. Roll on this toner and your basically done. If you feel its not dark enough, roll on another coat. Thats why I like to keep my toners lite. You can always do another pass. Have fun and email me if you run into trouble. Happy painting!




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