How to paint faux marble & stone:

The Creative Painting Techniques




Lets start off the way most of our creative painting techniques start. Lets take our 4″ x 8″ panel, which in this case is MDF ( pressed saw dust ) and coat it twice with an eggshell paint. Eggshell because it allows you to move paint around for a while where as flat would act like a sponge and no allow us to move the paint around.


Start by using the pump spritzer to spray an even coat of water over the entire surface. we will then take a thinned down grey paint and simply let it drizzle out of a brush leaving splatters on our surface. Using a wizz roller, lightly with the weight of the roller, soften the thinned grey with the water on the surface. This gives us our background.


Creative Painting Techniques: Veining


The next step is like the first step but this time with 2 colors and applied in such a way that it starts to give out faux finish some directional veining. Watch the video to see this in action. Just like before soften with the wizz roller. You will hear me talk about the wizz roller allot and for good reason. I will try to have a link to this product but I can describe it as a 3 – 6 inch long roller that slides onto a metal rod. The are quite fluffy and therefore are great for faux finishing. Again soften the paint splatters with the roller but softly. Just try to minimize puddles if the occur.


Spritz a little yellow

Now take your pump spritzer and with a warm yellow (basically coffee cream color) made from latex paint again, spritz in between the veined areas. Sort of the areas that haven’t received much paint to this point. This is one of those times where you are adding a color that is almost opposite or seems like it runs against what we have done so far with the cold grays.

Marble & Stone: Here’s The Trick


Here’s the trick! While your panel is still wet with the previous colors, take some methyl hydrate in a gallon can and drizzle it on the other paint the same. The Methyl Hydrate will react with the water based paint almost like oil and water giving you a very organic movement in the finish. Then just like the warm yellow, do a pass with straight white in the spritzer. Again this just gives a little more detail and brighten up the finish.


The Finishing Touches: the right tools


Now you just have to let it dry. Following that, using the scotch pads I love, sand the entire surface to remove dust and debri. Now it’s time to apply what most of you will know as Future Floor wax. Basically this is an acrylic floor coating that is very thin and flows out to an even coat.You can go to the Janitorial supply to buy a larger quantity if you are doing allot or plan to do many finishes. Do this at least 3 coats sanding in between each coat. The more coats the slicker the finish. I use a wallpaper smoother to apply the “Future”. You will see it in the video. They are cheap and work like the much more expensive paint pads. Watch the video a couple times and it will all make sense when you start you creative painting techniques.


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About the Author

Vaughan Baker, the creator of has been faux painting for feature film and television for 25 years and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the field. Vaughan is known for his simple and easy ways of generating masterful finishes in a short time period. Vaughan works in the film business to this day, guiding the people that create the finishes that you will see on the big and small screen.

5 Responses to How To Paint Faux Marble & Stone

  1. Summer says:

    Would this be appropriate to do for a quick and cheap laminate counter top redo?

    • Vaughan says:

      Yes, but the prep and finish coat will be your most important steps. You will need to go to a paint store (not home depot or back of a hardware store) and ask for the appropriate primer and follow the instructions. Once that is done and cured you simply follow the video to create your faux. I strongly suggest doing a sample or test piece before taking on the counter top. After it is all done I would suggest a “food safe” epoxy finish. The nice thing about using epoxy is that it is similar to those man made counter top materials and can be buffed down the road to remove wear. Start off with a small board about 2’x2′ and get comfortable with the process. Have fun and ask all the questions you like.

    • Vaughan says:

      Yes but you have to get a good primer that sticks to your counter material and then top coat with a food safe epoxy.

  2. Kate says:

    Hey Vaughan

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial! I want to do this for my IKEA Docksta table top, which according to the site is Fiberboard + Acrylic paint. Do I need to take any extra steps before starting with the eggshell water based white paint base?

    And just to clarify, all the paint used should be water based? Or should some be oil based?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Vaughan says:

      All water based. If your tabletop is painted with acrylic paint already then you are good to go. Maybe a good wash and sand the surface so it sticks better.

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