Painting Tips #1

Save Time With This Masking Tape Trick:


                Creative Painting Techniques almost always involve the use of masking tape.


How many times have you used masking tape only to have the paint leak or bleed under the edge? It has happened to all of us and can be so frustrating. Seems no matter how much you try to press it down and rub it, leaks and bleeding still happens.


This masking tape trick starts with the use of, “green painters tape”. This product has been engineered for painting techniques – Unlike the beige type which is more suited for taping cardboard boxes. You’ll understand how important this masking tape trick is when combined with the use of the green tape type if you’ve ever had the regular masking tape on for awhile and tried to remove it. This is what I call painting tip #1


It will bond to the wall and you will have to scrape it off! The green type can stay on a wall or surface for some time without binding to the surface and comes off without damaging anything.  That is the bonus of this masking tape trick!


There are some very expensive individually wrapped brands like FrogTape, but I think they are a waste of money and should be avoided. You have to wonder about things that come in expensive packaging. Painters Mate is my favorite. Does the job and doesn’t cost a fortune!
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Painting Tips #1 – How This Masking Tape Trick Works:


But here is the trick! After masking your area to be painted, use an acrylic clear for your first pass along the edge. These are typically the acrylic clear coatings you would put on a hardwood floor or furniture.


My favorite is the “Staysclear” line of products from Benjamin Moore. This masking tape trick product uses a water clean up method and is easy to use. Most of the techniques I share will be with water based products.

Masking Tape Trick:  The Process for painting tips #1


  • Match the sheen of the clear as close to the surface sheen as possible. Sometimes the sheen names aren’t the same between products like latex paint and acrylic clear.
  • For example you have used eggshell paint and the acrylic clear may be called low gloss or low luster. The paint store guys can help you match it up and eventually you’ll know which is which.
  • The acrylic clear ( which we in film call Glaze ) will do the “leaking or bleeding” for you and seal the edge.
  • After drying, apply your color or creative painting technique.
  • When dry, remove the masking tape and you will have a crisp, sharp line, even up close! This is a trick I learned along time ago and every time I use it people are stunned how easy it is and how much of a difference it makes. Watch me go through painting tip 31 – the masking tape trick process on video at
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       This is one of many tricks and tips that I will be sharing with you. Remember that with every project you complete, the better you get. I can remember starting in the creative painting industry and being very overwhelmed, but like any career, it is the know how and experience that creates success! I am excited to be able to share my knowledge with you about creative painting techniques.
Let me know if you have any questions about painting tips #1 or if you have any ideas for other painting tips!

About the Author

Vaughan Baker, the creator of has been faux painting for feature film and television for 25 years and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the field. Vaughan is known for his simple and easy ways of generating masterful finishes in a short time period. Vaughan works in the film business to this day, guiding the people that create the finishes that you will see on the big and small screen.

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